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Helen Andrew

6 Ways to Connect with Each Other more at Work

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Closing the gap between employers and employees makes connections to purpose, people and culture a priority. What could you do at your workplace?

Happy workplaces are making thriving culture a priority by closing the gap between employees and employers and forming strong connections among their people; they are not afraid to show what their purpose is across all facets of work and see this as a competitive strength and advantage.

Below are six strategies for workplaces to improve communication, clarity, culture, and most of all, levels of engagement among different teams and positions.

1. The values your workplace holds are number one

Ensure your values are not just lines on your website, but part of what underpins daily practice in your workplace.

Find ways to help employees to remember and practice your core values daily. Connect them clearly with cultural behaviour, camaraderie, and rewards for performance.

2. Create a place where everyone feels they belong

Everyone should feel comfortable and safe in the workplace. Help your employees feel this way by building an open and welcoming environment.

To achieve this you could create an open culture by regularly sharing personal and company photos, stories, and anecdotes which keeps a personal tone in the workplace. Hosting regular social events that help people get to know each other in fun settings.

3. Give everyone a voice and let the information flow

Ensure information in your workplace can move fluidly and that people are heard across your organisation. This should include:

  • methods for giving feedback
  • social sharing
  • discussion from and between all levels.
  • making the information accessible from work, home, and on the go.
  • use surveys and polls people to gather feedback and insights. These can help make their culture more positive and vibrant and to keep employees connected and talking who may be dispersed from one another.

A multi media approach to information flow is a great way to go with activities like weekly short 'critical facts' meetings, highlighting of employee successes, and digital to bring dispersed workforces together via video and story sharing. Get creative, explore what tools are available to keep connection and information flowing and get stuck into it.

4. Make your organisation feel like a community

A community is a place where people can feel at ease; they feel respected, supported and even loved. It’s also a place where work is unified, and goals are shared. Ensuring there are regular social events among teams, engaging in charity work as an organisation, and hosting internal awards to celebrate your people's giving efforts are a few ways to cultivate a community feeling within your organisation.

5. Celebrate success regularly

Making recognition and celebration effortless and a normal part of the fabric of your workplace is integral to helping employees feel appreciated. Allow everyone to celebrate in their own unique way and do so often. Peer-to-peer reward programs, or internal competitions that encourage excellent service are two simple methods to try out.

6. Make your culture visible

Expressing workplace culture more deliberately and overtly helps people understand and connect with what matters most and keeps it front of mind as a collective motivator. Office design, team chats, and the way you talk all offer clues to what your culture stands for. Taking a storytelling approach about what's happening in different parts of your organisation, can be a fun way to engage employees in what's going on in other areas while reinforcing positive cultural norms.

Strengthening workplace connections with Spare Harvest

We help organisations build stronger connections among teams and we help build trust with our Workplace Connect initiative.

Spare Harvest facilitates a closed group online community for your organisation to share what it has spare in the garden or home and connect more.

Imagine juicing fanatic Andrew, chief of business development connecting with Christine in accounting after she lists her weird shaped carrots. Christine has something Andrew wants and these new connections formed strengthen unity and common ground.

employee engagement employee productivity culture partnerships